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Fragrance Notes

“Notes” are the different scents present in a fragrance and they are separated into three categories: top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Xela Aroma Fragrances

Amber & White Jasmine

Top Notes: Citrus and Lavender
Middle Notes: Cinnamon and Jasmine
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood,
Vanilla, and Patchouli

Bergamot Blossom

Top Notes: Sweet Green Tea, Lemongrass
Middle Notes: Lemon and Mandarin
Base Notes: White Musk and Sandalwood

Black Orchid

Top Notes: Jasmine, Red Currant and Citrus
Middle Notes: Black Orchid, Patchouli and Incense
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood and Van


Top Notes: Coconut, Peach and Wild Oates
Middle Notes: Spearmint, Thyme and Bourbon
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk and Cinnamon

Bourbon Oak

Top Notes: Coconut, Peach, Oak and Wild Oates
Middle Notes: Spearmint, Thyme and Bourbon
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk and Cinnamon


Top Notes: Orange
Middle Notes: Lily and Jasmine
Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedar and Amber

Citrus Sage

Top Notes: Green Citrus and Fir
Middle Notes: Sage and Elemi and Eucalyptus
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Patchouli

Cucumber Mint

Top Notes: Juicy Melon
Middle: Fresh Cucumber and Mint
Base Notes: Musk

Cut Grass

Top Notes: Green Fresh Grass
Middle Notes: Rose and Herbal
Base Notes: Musk


Top Notes: Herbal
Middle Notes: Mint and Wood
Base Notes: Camphoreous Eucalyptus


Top Notes: Lily and Coconut
Middle Notes: French Gardenia and Jasmine
Base Notes: Rose and Hyacinth


Top Notes: Peach and Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Tonka Bean and Caramel


Top Note: Citrus and Lavender
Middle Notes: Cinnamon and Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla and Musk


Top Notes: Lemon and Basil
Middle Notes: Lavender, Petitgrain and Patchouli
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Oakmoss and Sandalwood

Lavender Rosemary

Top Notes: Lavender and Jasmine
Middle Notes: Rosemary
Base Notes: Sandalwood and Musk

Mandarin Oak

Top Notes: Mandarin Balm
Middle Notes: Fresh Vetiver
Base Notes: Oak Moss and Warm Cashmere

Mediterranean Fig

Top Notes: Orange and Peach
Middle Notes: Fig Aroma
Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla and Musk

Orange Blossom

Top Notes: Sweet Orange
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom and Pettigrain
Base Notes: Jasmine and Rose


Top Notes: Pomegranate, Apple and Citrus
Middle Notes: Rhubarb and Nutmeg
Base Notes: Ginger

Red Currant

Top Notes: Green Leaves and Apricot
Middle Notes: Red Berries and Apple
Base Notes: Raspberry and Red Currant


Top Notes: Basil and Citrus
Middle Notes: Jasmine and Cedarwood
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk and Oakmoss


Top Notes: Clove Bud Oil
Middle Notes: Cinnamon Bark and Leaf
Base Notes: Vanilla


Top Notes: Peach & Citrus
Middle Notes: Tuberose and Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla and Spice


Top Notes: Butterscotch and Coconut
Middle Notes: Vanilla
Base Notes: Caramel

Vanilla Latte

Top Notes: Coconut
Middle Notes: Vanilla and Caramel
Base Notes: Tonka Bean and Cinnamon


Top Notes: Lemongrass and Lemon
Middle Notes: Verbena
Base Notes: Musk and Vanilla


Top Notes: Orange and Lemon
Middle Notes: Vetiver and Cedar
Base Notes: Tonka Beab, Amber, and Musk

White Linen

Top Notes: Citrus and Peach
Middle Notes: Linen and Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Vanilla and Sandalwood


Top Notes: Cedarwood and Oakwood
Middle Notes: Sandalwood
Base Notes: Jasmine

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